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VCT Challengers NA Playoffs Update: Key Highlights and Predictions

Stay updated on the VCT Challengers NA playoffs, as we dive into the key highlights of the matches played so far and share our predictions for the upcoming games.

VCT Challengers NA

Challengers NA Playoffs Update: Exciting Matches and What to Expect Next

After five intense weeks of group play, the VCT North American Challengers playoffs began on Wednesday. Eight top-tier teams are competing in a double-elimination bracket, battling for Challengers League points to secure a spot in the end-of-split playoffs. We’ve seen some thrilling matches already, so let’s take a closer look at the highlights and predictions.

Detailed Match Recaps and Key Takeaways

  • DSG 0 - 2 M80
    • M80 defeated DSG with a 13-5 win on Haven and a 13-4 victory on Ascent
    • Zander showed exceptional skills with the best rating in the lobby on both maps, top-fragging on Ascent with 22 kills
    • Takeaway: M80 appears formidable, while Disguised needs to reevaluate their strategy for the lower bracket
  • TSM 0 - 2 Moist Moguls
    • Moist Moguls scored an upset win over TSM with a 13-7 victory on Lotus and a 13-6 triumph on Pearl
    • Flyuh’s relentless presence on both maps, securing seemingly lost rounds time and time again
    • Takeaway: Moist emerges as a potential contender, while TSM needs to regroup in the lower bracket

FORGE INSIGHT: Moist achieved a 67% win rate on attack rounds on Lotus, compared to the Omnic Forge community’s 56%

  • The Guard 2 - 0 FaZe Clan
    • The Guard won a closely contested match against FaZe, securing a 13-11 win on Lotus and a 13-9 victory on Ascent
    • Trent’s consistent performance, securing the highest rating on his team across all maps, while Rossy performed best for FaZe
    • Takeaway: The Guard showed strength against a solid opponent, while FaZe has potential in the lower bracket
  • G2 Esports 1 - 2 Oxygen Esports
    • Oxygen pulled off an upset against G2, winning 13-8 on Haven, losing 5-13 on Split, and securing a 13-8 win on Lotus
    • Verno led the team with strong performances across all maps, while Pwny and Skuba took turns as top fraggers
    • Shazam, despite G2’s loss, top-fragged in his first professional match as a Controller
    • Takeaway: G2 remains a strong team, looking to bounce back in the lower bracket, while Oxygen solidifies itself as a contender

Upcoming Matches and Expert Predictions

  • M80 vs. Moist Moguls - 4 pm EST
    • M80 appears formidable, but Moist can hold their own
    • M80’s single-match loss this split, making them favorites to win
    • Prediction: M80 2 - 0 Moist Moguls
  • The Guard vs. Oxygen Esports - 7 pm EST
    • The Guard consistently beats strong teams, but Oxygen has an upset shot
    • Oxygen’s potential for an upset but the challenge of defeating The Guard
    • Prediction: The Guard 2 - 0 Oxygen Esports
  • TSM vs. DSG - 4 pm EST (3/28)
    • TSM’s 4-1 group stage record, likely to bounce back after their first loss
    • Disguised’s potential for victory, but TSM is expected to prevail
    • Prediction: TSM 2 - 1 DSG
  • G2 Esports vs. FaZe Clan - 7 pm EST (3/28)
    • Both G2 and FaZe have shown potential
    • Despite G2’s better split performance, their loss to an Oxygen they beat 2-0 earlier and FaZe keeping it close with The Guard gives FaZe the edge
    • Prediction: G2 Esports 1 - 2 FaZe

Follow our Twitter for predictions before each match kicks off. Whoever makes it to the winner’s finals is in for an epic showdown. We predict M80 and The Guard, but any two teams should deliver an exciting match.


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