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Unleash the Beasts with Gekko: A Guide to Valorant's Newest Agent!


Gekko, agent #21 in Valorant, is now available to be played and has quickly become a fan favorite. Since his release, Omnic Forge users have won 63% of their games with him! In this post, we’ll provide a breakdown of Gekko’s abilities and how to best utilize them in the current meta. Read on to learn more!

Gekko’s Abilities

As a new agent, Gekko brings a fresh set of abilities to the table. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Q - Wingman: Imagine Raze’s Boombot, but cuter. Wingman can be deployed to seek out enemies, stunning the first one he sees. If Gekko is holding the spike, Wingman can be used to plant the spike in a location or be sent to defuse it on defense. Once used, Wingman turns into a blob that Gekko can reclaim to use again.

E - Dizzy: Gekko’s default ability, Dizzy acts like Skye’s flash. Toss Dizzy and she will blind any enemies in line of sight with a plasma-goo blast. Like his other abilities, Gekko can reclaim the orb where she drops to reuse her.

C - Mosh Pit: One-shot molotov. Mosh is tossed like a grenade into then spreads out upon landing. After a short delay, anyone in the pit is hit with 150 damage.

X - Thrash: It’s Killjoy’s Lockdown mixed with Skye’s Pathfinder. Thrash is steerable once deployed and when it jumps at an enemy, she explodes detaining anyone caught in the blast radius. The best part: Gekko can collect the orb where she exploded to reuse it again.

How to Play Gekko

If you’re looking to add Gekko to your Valorant roster, here are some tips on how to best utilize his abilities:

Expect Gekko to play a lot like Skye. He can help lead the charge onto a site but quickly runs out of utility if he doesn’t recollect his orbs. His flash is team-safe (can’t accidentally flash teammates) making him great for pushing with his Duelist(s) and Wingman is a great tool to plant/defuse the spike while Gekko engages any enemies nearby. The importance of collecting his orbs to keep up his utility means he plays a little slower than other Initiators but still packs a mean punch.

Is Gekko Broken?

In short, no. Expect Gekko to slot into the secondary Initiator slot that Skye usually fills, playing alongside some other Initiator that has better recon abilities. He has the smallest ability inventory, meaning if he can’t pick up his buddies he burns through his utility very quickly; if his team can’t take the space made through using these abilities, he’ll be in a rough spot. Overall, until we have seen more of him, he starts off in B-tier as a good situational pick to back up another Initiator but isn’t always going to find success.

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