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Why Video Game Coaching Will Take Off In The Next 5 Years

Evolution of an Esports Coach

The gaming and esports industry is at a strange crossroads right now. On one front, we have the “Esports Winter” with consolidation, restructuring and the re-evaluation of VC funding into the sector. On the other front, viewership, gaming industry revenue and users from emerging platforms (like mobile and web3) are growing exponentially. With that, excitement and support on the grassroots level has never been stronger and it’s our belief that over the next five years, there will be a significant rise in the popularity of video game coaching for various reasons. Let’s dig in on why.

Closing of Generational Gaps

As the gaming industry has matured, so has the acceptance and understanding of video games as a legitimate form of entertainment and competition. One of the significant catalysts for the rise of video game coaching is the closing of generational gaps. Traditionally, older generations viewed gaming as a mere pastime, often dismissing it as a frivolous activity with little value. However, as the younger generations, who grew up with video games enter adulthood, there is a massive shift in perception.

Parents who were once skeptical of the benefits of gaming are now recognizing its potential for skill development, teamwork, and strategic thinking. This changing mindset has paved the way for a more supportive environment where video game coaching is seen as a positive and constructive influence. Video game coaching will eventually be seen as another after-school activity alongside more traditional enrichment programs like soccer practice, guitar lessons, swimming and gymnastics.

As generational gaps continue to close, the demand for coaches who can guide and mentor aspiring gamers will inevitably rise.

The Rise of Scholastic Support

Another key driver behind the anticipated surge in video game coaching is the increasing integration of gaming into educational institutions. Esports has gained significant traction in schools and universities, offering students opportunities to showcase their skills in a competitive setting. In recent years, scholastic esports has been edging closer to the path of traditional sports with scholarship offerings, varsity teams and integration into athletic conferences like the Mid-American Conference (MAC) with their launch of the ESC. As gaming becomes more ingrained in scholastic environments, the need for qualified coaches becomes apparent.

Scholastic support for gaming is not limited to collegiate esports programs; it extends to high schools and even middle schools. Schools recognize the value of teaching students essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and strategic thinking through video games. Video game coaching is seen as a means to enhance these skills, providing students with valuable insights and guidance to excel in both their gaming pursuits and academic endeavors.

The integration of video game coaching into scholastic environments also addresses concerns about the potential negative impacts of excessive gaming. Coaches play a crucial role in promoting responsible gaming habits, emphasizing the importance of balance between screen time and other aspects of life. This holistic approach ensures that gaming is not only a source of entertainment but also a tool for personal and academic growth.

The Growth of Quality Offerings

Esports coaching is not a new concept as early-adopters in this space such as Metafy, AimLabs, and Gwoop have firmly established themselves over the last 3 years with an estimated 40M+ users combined. In addition, content creators such as SypherPK and JGOD have made a name for themselves by focusing on the instructional aspects of popular video game titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty and garnering millions of hours in video views.

A more recent and exciting trend is the rise of in-person opportunities from a variety of new and existing businesses. Six Flags and Coca-Cola premiered their seasonal installations of gaming stations within their theme parks across the US this year. A quick google search of “YMCA Esports” will show esports programs at their facilities across every city. Contender Esports is a chain of gaming centers across the US that have been offering access to high-end gaming equipment since 2018 . The Hudson Valley NY location of Contender Esports has been especially active with esports themed summer camps, after school programs and working with local schools to organize STEM and gaming themed field trips.

Lastly, we here at Omnic.AI have been leveraging the power of AI and built a platform for gamers that provides personalized coaching insights to help gamers improve their skills and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


The next five years hold tremendous promise for the video game coaching industry. With generational gaps closing, scholastic support on the rise, and the growth of quality in-person offerings, the demand for qualified coaching is set to soar. Video game coaching is not just about improving gameplay; it’s about fostering personal growth, promoting responsible gaming habits, and guiding others on their journey to success.

As the gaming community continues to evolve, so does the recognition of the positive impact that coaching can have on players of all levels. Whether it’s a student honing their skills in a scholastic esports program or a professional player striving for excellence on the global stage, the role of the video game coach is becoming increasingly vital. The next five years will likely see this trend solidify, establishing video game coaching as an integral and respected component of the gaming ecosystem.

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