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VCT Champions 2023: Groups, Predictions, and What to Expect

VCT Champions 2023

The Big Finale

As the pinnacle of Valorant esports competition worldwide, the VCT 2023 season will draw to a close in Los Angeles. The top 16 teams from across the globe are ready to lay it all on the line to earn the prestigious title of 2023 champions. With groups already announced and games slated to begin on August 6th, we’re here to provide an in-depth look at what to expect.

Group A

Arguably one of the most competitive groups, Group A showcases a mix of regional powerhouses. On August 9th, Krü Esports from the Americas will go head-to-head with Pacific representatives Paper Rex (PRX), while EMEA’s Giants will take on Edward Gaming (EDG) from China. Despite PRX entering as favorites, all teams in the group have showcased formidable performances throughout the season. Keep an eye out for Krü and Giants, who are entering with strong momentum from their recent LCQ runs, while EDG seeks to replicate their impressive performance in Tokyo. This group is set to be a thrilling watch, with every match potentially going down to the wire.

Group B

Group B is a melting pot of underdogs and surprise elements. Kicking off on August 7th, the Pacific’s T1 will lock horns with FUT Esports from EMEA, while China’s FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) will face off against Evil Geniuses (EG) from the Americas. Despite EG being the pre-tournament favorite to top the group after their stellar second-place finish in Tokyo, T1 and FUT’s promising performances cannot be undermined. Moreover, FPX could pull off some major upsets against their group counterparts.

Group C

Group C is the stuff of legends. In what promises to be a clash of the titans, Bilibili Gaming from China will contend with NRG from the Americas on August 8th. Simultaneously, Pacific’s Zeta Division and EMEA’s Fnatic will vie for the upper hand in their encounter. The reigning champions, Fnatic, start as favorites, with NRG also expected to advance past the group stages. Nevertheless, don’t write off Bilibili and Zeta just yet. This group may serve up some of the most intense Valorant gameplay we’ve seen yet.

Group D

Tagged as the group of chance, Group D is a wild card where any team could emerge victorious. In the inaugural match on August 6th, EMEA’s NAVI and Team Liquid will battle for supremacy, while LOUD from the Americas squares off against DRX from the Pacific. None of these teams had outstanding performances in Tokyo, which makes predicting a clear winner a challenging task. While LOUD and NAVI may have a slight edge, the open nature of this group could see any of the teams stepping up and taking control.

The Long Road

While making it out of the group stage is a significant achievement, it’s just the first step on the long road towards the championship title. For now, all eyes are on these group stage battles, which promise to deliver thrilling matches filled with high-level strategic plays and intense clutch moments.

Tune in starting next Sunday, August 6th, at 3 pm EST for an unforgettable display of Valorant esports at its finest.

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