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Valorant Masters Tokyo - The Final Three

Valorant Masters Tokyo

After nearly two weeks of intense matches, the world’s 12 best teams have been whittled down to 3. Fnatic from EMEA, Paper Rex from Pacific, and Evil Geniuses from Americas will battle it out and the last one standing tomorrow will be crowned winner. Don’t know who to root for? Don’t stress, as we’ll recap the top three teams right now.

The Orange Juggernaut - FNATIC

Fnatic has been on fire this tournament, only dropping a single map on their way to the grand finals. The team looks to become the first back-to-back Master’s champions, having won Lock-in earlier this year. Any of their players could be considered the best in their role and this tournament has been the chance to show that. From IGLing masterclasses from Boaster to Derke securing insane eliminations to the clutch factor of Leo, any member of the team can carry. It is like fighting a boss battle against five raid bosses; you can take down one, but the others are still there.

Why Root For Them: If you like crazy good players trying to make history and think orange and black are a sick color scheme, this is the team for you.

The Fearless Warriors - PAPER REX

Imagine a team full of crazy aim players that can and will outduel any opponent. That is Paper Rex. After finishing first in the Pacific split (and beating Pacific rival DRX in the first round of Master’s playoffs), they were bumped to the lower bracket by Fnatic and have been on a tear since. Clawing through EDG and NRG, they are in the lower bracket finals and hoping for a rematch with Fnatic. Their playstyle is exciting to watch as it uses aggression to put their opponents on their heels.

Why Root For Them: If you want to see the first Pacific international championship and love seeing Duelists picked, this is the team for you.

The Megamind Underdogs - EVIL GENIUSES

EG is a surprise. After starting off the Americas split slow and barely making it into playoffs, the team has shocked the world with victory after victory. While the team doesn’t have the biggest names on its roster, their gameplans (cooked up by head coach Potter), teamwork, and skill have shown that big names aren’t important. Add in explosive Jett player Demon1 and the team chewed through Loud and Team Liquid without dropping a map before losing 2 - 1 to Fnatic, falling to the lower bracket finals. Kind of like Batman, with enough prep, EG can topple any team.

Why Root For Them: If you love an underdog story and live life on the evil side, this is the team for you.

When to Watch

The lower bracket final between EG and Paper Rex will kick off tonight at 11 pm EST. The winner then goes on to face Fnatic on Saturday at 11 pm EST. Both matches are best of fives and should be bangers.

Who do you think will win Master’s Tokyo? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more Valorant content!

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