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VCT Champions 2023: Bundles of Fun

VCT Champions Bundle 2023

With Champions 2023 kicking off this Sunday, the anticipation among Valorant fans is soaring to new heights! Adding to the excitement, the exclusive Champions bundle is being released today. If you’re on the fence about picking it up or simply want an in-depth look at what it offers, we have you covered with a complete walkthrough!

A Flashy Set to Show off Your Skills

The bundle includes a Vandal skin, a knife skin, a player card, a gun buddy, and a spray, each one exuding elegance and exclusivity.

Champions 2023 Vandal and Champions 2023 Kunai: These weapons have sleek and stylish looks with a golden finish and blue accents. Both gain stunning visual effects as you rack up eliminations, reaching the pinnacle of their beauty at 30 eliminations. The finisher, a true showstopper, features the coveted Champions trophy and rotating screens of your agent around the defeated opponent.

Gunbuddy and Spray: Sporting the Champions trophy, these accessories allow you to feel like a champion even if you aren’t playing in LA. It’s a subtle yet vibrant way to showcase your support for the event.

The overall visuals are similar to previous Champions sets, but with enhanced details that make this bundle stand out. The special animations and effects add a dynamic flair that will surely catch the eyes of both teammates and opponents.

A Pretty Penny for a Limited Time Treasure

The Champions 2023 bundle is priced at 6175 VP, approximately $60 US. This steep price reflects the exclusivity of the bundle, as it will not be re-released in the future once it leaves the shop. While the cost may deter fans who bought the previous bundle that had the Vandal skin, this version boasts more intricate effects and detailing, making it a tempting offer for collectors and enthusiasts.

Helping the Teams and Growing the Esport

Perhaps the most heartening aspect of this bundle is the contribution it makes to the esports scene. A whopping 50% of the proceeds are split with the competing teams. In previous years, the 2021 bundle raised around $7.5 million, and the 2022 bundle amassed an incredible $16 million. So when you buy this bundle, you’re not just getting amazing in-game items; you’re supporting your favorite players in LA, fostering the growth of Valorant esports.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

The Champions 2023 bundle offers more than just in-game skins; it offers a connection to the excitement and competition of Valorant’s biggest stage. Whether you’re an avid player looking to show off your dedication or a fan who wants to support the teams, this bundle has something special for you.

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