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VCT 2024: The Time for More is Now

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With the 2024 VALORANT Esports season on the horizon, it’s time for a candid discussion about VCT 2024’s structure and game count. Despite the introduction of new teams and the VCT CN league, the season’s format, particularly the scant number of regular season games, raises concerns.

The Kickoff Tournament - Just a Tease?

The season starts with a Kickoff Tournament in February, a stage meant to build momentum. But with only two teams per league advancing to Masters Madrid, it feels more like an appetizer than a full course. This format, while engaging, is just a fleeting glimpse of what could be a far more robust competitive experience.

The Puzzling Game Count:

Here’s the rub: each team is slated to play a mere 10 regular season matches. In a world where esports fans are accustomed to lengthy, immersive seasons, this number is underwhelming. For a title as dynamic as VALORANT, limiting the regular season to just 10 matches is a missed opportunity for deeper team development and fan engagement.

Championship Points - A Band-Aid Solution?

The new Championship Points system, designed to reward consistent performance, feels like a consolation for the limited number of matches. Winning key events and regular matches contributes to a team’s points tally, but does it compensate for the lack of regular season gameplay?

A Critical Perspective on Riot’s Strategy:

Riot Games’ decision to restrict the regular season to 10 matches per team is puzzling. This approach seems to prioritize brief, high-stakes tournaments over a sustained competitive narrative that could unfold over a longer season. It’s a strategy that risks alienating a fanbase eager for more content and fails to leverage the growing global interest in VALORANT.

The Call for More:

The esports community has seen the benefits of longer seasons in other titles. More matches mean more opportunities for teams to showcase their skill, adapt to the meta, and engage in strategic depth. It also means more content for fans and a more vibrant, active esports ecosystem.


As we stand on the cusp of VCT 2024, it’s clear that Riot Games needs to reconsider its approach. VALORANT, a game celebrated for its depth and dynamism, deserves a competitive scene that mirrors these qualities. It’s time for Riot to expand the number of regular season matches, embracing the potential of VALORANT Esports and truly catering to the community’s appetite for more action.

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