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VALORANT Tier List Patch 7.04: Your Fave Agents Are Now Useless!

7.04 Tier List

The Tectonic Shifts of Patch 7.04

Hold onto your keyboards, folks! Riot Games just dropped a patch so big, it’s like they shook the game upside down and all your favorite agents fell out of their tier lists. Say hello to new maps Sunset and the revamped Breeze, and bid adieu to Fracture and Pearl. The agent landscape has changed more dramatically than my mood when I run out of snacks. But fear not, we’ve got the 411 on who’s hot and who’s not.

The Tier-ific System

Before we dive in, let’s get the tier lingo straight:

  • S-Tier: The best of the best, some might say “Flawless.”
  • A-Tier: The reliable friend who helps you move. Solid.
  • B-Tier: The wildcard. Good in a pinch but not always the star.
  • C-Tier: The guy who brings a kazoo to a gunfight. Bless their heart.

Duelists - The “Explosion Connoisseurs” 🧨

Raze is now the Beyoncé of duelists. With Jett nerfed harder than a 90s boy band’s fashion sense, Raze’s high-octane, Michael Bay-approved kit makes her the queen of the Sunset close-quarters dance floor. Neon is your A-tier speedster, thriving in Sunset’s frenetic pace and Breeze’s spacious catwalks. Phoenix is your Dueling 101 professor; he’s well-rounded and a great intro to the role. Meanwhile, Jett has been downgraded to the “still figuring it out” tier, and Yoru and Reyna are like those indie bands you claim to love but never actually listen to—niche and situational.

Initiators - The “Choose Your Own Adventure” Squad 🚀

There’s no LeBron James of initiators right now. Sova got nerfed just enough to join the A-tier commoners. KAY/O, Breach, and Gekko are like the three musketeers of initiating—each with their own flair but no clear standout. Skye got nerfed so hard she’s basically a Pokémon that forgot how to use its special moves. And Fade? She’s the enigma, nerfed but perhaps not out. Keep an eye on her; she might just be the dark horse.

Controllers - Welcome to the “Toxic Zone” ☠️

Viper is the queen bee of controllers. She’s been ruling Breeze like it’s her personal kingdom and is likely to do the same on Sunset. Astra is still, well, Astra. Omen is still your go-to smoke machine, while Brimstone and Harbor are the B-tier buddies who are good but not “invite to the VIP section” good.

Sentinels - The “Big Brother is Watching” Crew 🎥

Cypher is the top sentinel, basically the Gandalf of Breeze and Sunset, yelling, “You shall not pass!” Killjoy and Sage are still solid picks, like the sidekicks in every superhero movie. Chamber is making a comeback, like flared jeans in 2021. And then there’s Deadlock, who’s basically the guy still using a flip phone in 2023—outdated and outclassed.

Your Two Cents 💬

Agree? Disagree? Think we’re as wrong as pineapple on pizza? Let us know in the comments. Your opinion matters, especially if it’s as spicy as a Viper ultimate. 🌶️

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