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Climbing the Valorant Ranks: How the Omnic Forge Can Help You Succeed

As someone who started their journey in Valorant as an Iron 1 player, I can confidently say that the Omnic Forge has been the key to my success. With its AI-based insights and personalized coaching recommendations, the Forge has helped me improve my in-game strategy, player and utility position, and decision-making skills after every match. Thanks to the Omnic Forge, I have been able to climb the ladder all the way to Silver 2.

One of the most significant benefits of the Omnic Forge is the AI Coaching Insights. I found them to be really helpful. As a beginner, I struggled to find the right strategy that worked for me. But with the Forge, I was able to stream and upload hundreds of hours of gameplay (for free) to identify what works and what doesn’t. This personalized feedback helped me create a strategy that worked best for my playstyle, which ultimately helped me win more matches.


Less performance oriented but also a lot of fun, the Forge player card is another excellent feature. After every match, the Omnic Forge creates a unique digital player card that showcases my latest stats and achievements. With its animated features and real-time statistics, it is perfect for sharing on my socials. I especially like how it allows me to customize my card with my team logo, gamertag, and new backgrounds I earned in the Forge.

Player Card

The analysis page has helped me identify trends in my gameplay, enabling me to make better decisions regarding in-game economy. By analyzing my gameplay data, I can see where I tend to lose rounds, and what strategies have worked best for me. This has helped me make more informed decisions when it comes to buying weapons and utilities, which has been critical in my new found success.


Playing video games with friends is a blast, but what’s even better is the motivation we can give each other to get better. That’s where the Omnic Forge comes in. With its Plays Like and 1v1 Compare features, we can have some epic showdowns while also discovering our in-game roles and strengths. What I really appreciate is the Plays Like feature, which identifies some of my gameplay traits and then suggests professional players to compare my gameplay to. Watching their gameplay has been super helpful because I can learn new techniques and strategies that I can incorporate into my own gameplay.

1v1 Compare

Overall, the Omnic Forge is a game-changing platform that should benefit every Valorant player. With its AI-based insights, personalized recommendations, in-depth match analysis, Plays Like feature and 1v1 compare, you’ll be on your way to becoming the best player you can be. So what are you waiting for? Did I mention all of these features are free? Get started with the Omnic Forge today!

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