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Omnic Forge's Game Selection: The Inside Scoop

Omnic Game Selection

Are you always on the hunt for the next game to conquer? So are we. Here at Omnic, we’re not just about creating top-notch esports coaching tools, but we’re gamers at heart, and we’re passionate about enhancing your gaming experience. With that said, we thought we’d pull back the curtain and share how we choose which games to add to our Forge platform.

Battle of the Player Base

Like you, we’re attracted to where the action is. Games buzzing with loads of players, like Fortnite, were our initial focus. Why? A larger player base means more gamers we can help level up with Forge’s coaching. Plus, let’s face it, the more players, the more competition, and the more epic the gameplay!

The Thrill of the Competitive Scene

You know the thrill of landing that perfect shot or outmaneuvering a tough opponent. This high-stakes energy often thrives in a healthy competitive scene. Games that have this, like Valorant, are a must-add for us. Numerous teams and players in these games are looking for that extra edge, which Forge’s statistical insights can provide.

Game Format Familiarity

When selecting new games, we also consider if they share formats with the ones we’ve already conquered. Most of our models are built around first/third-person shooters, hence the seamless transition from Fortnite to Valorant. But we don’t stop at that. With the team-based models we developed for Valorant, we’re ready to delve into more team-centric games.

Now, onto the question that’s probably burning in your mind: What’s the next game we’re adding to Forge? We’re keeping that under wraps for now. But considering what we’ve just shared about our selection process, any guesses? Share them in the comments below. Let’s see if you can predict our next move!

Remember, at Omnic, we’re just as invested in the gaming world as you are. As we continue to grow, we’re constantly working on how to help you up your game. Stay tuned for our next big update, and keep grinding in the meantime!

At Omnic, we are driven by the mission to empower our players, helping them level up their video game skills by providing them with the precise information they need. If you would like to take your game to the next level with Omnic Forge click here.

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