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The Things You NEED To Know From This Week in Gaming

This Week in Gaming

Dive into this week’s gaming world highlights! From fierce global competitions to playful Twitter challenges, we’ve covered all the exciting events you need to know as you head into the weekend.

Valorant’s Spectacular Show Matches

Although we’re in the VCT’s offseason, the gaming arena was buzzing with riveting show matches:

Moist Moguls X Shopify (MxS) vs. Sentinels: The spotlight was on these refreshed rosters as they battled for a $5,000 prize pool. Sentinels unveiled their latest addition, Jonqt, joining the likes of TenZ, zekken, Sacy, and pANcada. On the other hand, MxS showcased their combined team strength with players like flyuh, thief, v1c, mada, and brawk. While Bind saw a sweeping 13-2 victory for Sentinels, MxS turned the tide with victories on Ascent and Haven. Sentinels may not have clinched the series, but they surely displayed improved teamwork.

Sentinels vs. G2: The newest addition to VCT, G2 introduced their roster acquired from The Guard, starring trent, valyn, JonahP, neT, and a surprise inclusion of leaf, previously from C9. This unique match promised a quirky reward – the winner could tweak the loser’s Twitter attributes! The results? Visit their Twitter handles for a cheeky update.

Worlds’ Grandeur Continues

The renowned League of Legends global tournament is nearing its Swiss bracket stage finale. With merely five matches left to the playoffs, tensions and excitement run high. Tonight’s clash between NRG and G2 is particularly anticipated, reigniting the age-old EU vs. NA rivalry. Stay tuned for thrilling outcomes!

From Games to the Big Screen

As Halloween approaches, the gaming realm offers a spooky treat: The Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) movie! Step into a chilling world where animatronics turn eerily friendly post-sunset. While critical acclaim might be elusive, it’s an ideal pick for horror enthusiasts this Halloween season. Catch it in theaters or stream it on Peacock.

Upcoming Game Updates!

Prepare yourself for significant updates in both Valorant and Fortnite:

Valorant: Meet Iso, the new agent launching next Tuesday. As a duelist, Iso’s forte lies in dominating one-on-one combat scenarios.

Fortnite: Experience nostalgia as Fortnite revisits the old season 1 map next Thursday. Gear up for thrilling callbacks and intense showdowns!

Missed out on anything? Share your thoughts in the comments. Here’s to a weekend filled with exhilarating gaming adventures!

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