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The Most Important Factors to Win in Valorant: A Data Driven Approach

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The Power of Stats: Uncovering the Secrets of Winning in Valorant

What really determines the outcome of a round in Valorant? Players often ponder this question, trying to figure out the best strategies and tactics to secure a win. Sophia Cofone, a Data Science Graduate Student at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University, decided to tackle this question using the power of statistics. In her research project, “Gameplay-Based Classification of Valorant Players: Insights and Feature Importance,” Cofone analyzed nearly 30,000 rounds of Valorant gameplay across all skill levels to identify the key factors that predict whether a round is won or lost. The results are intriguing and may surprise you. Let’s dive in!

It’s How You Play, Not Who You Play

Contrary to popular belief, agent selection isn’t the most crucial factor in determining whether you’ll win or lose a round. While team composition is important and playing an agent you’re comfortable with can be beneficial, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” agent or team composition that guarantees victory. Instead, it’s more about how you play the game.

Survival is Key

When attacking, staying alive is the most critical factor for success, even more so than getting eliminations. Cofone’s research found that the damage taken before planting the spike significantly influenced the success of attackers. The healthier you are when planting the spike and the longer you can stay alive in the post-plant phase, the better your chances of winning the round. This finding suggests that attackers should prioritize survival over chasing down remaining eliminations, especially after planting the spike.

A Strong Economy Leads to Victory

For defenders, the key factors for winning a round include having a high-value loadout, using abilities frequently, and maintaining good health. The more utility defenders have at their disposal, the better they can delay attackers. Additionally, having better weapons allows defenders to spam smokes or common areas more effectively, slowing down enemy advances. This research implies that defenders should manage their economy wisely, ensuring they always have credits available and making full use of their abilities.

Roles Are More Than Just Character Choices

Cofone’s research also led to the development of a model that could accurately predict a player’s role based on their gameplay, with an impressive accuracy rate of over 80%. This model disregarded team composition data and character choice, focusing solely on gameplay data. The results suggest that players in a specific role tend to use abilities in a similar manner across different characters within that role. While this may not seem groundbreaking, it highlights the potential for further analysis of gameplay data to uncover insights into how roles are played.

A Collaborative Effort

It’s important to note that this research was conducted in partnership with Omnic Data, a leading data analytics firm in the esports industry. The collaboration between Cofone and Omnic Data showcases the potential of combining academic research with industry expertise to uncover valuable insights in the world of esports.

Looking Ahead

Cofone plans to continue refining this project and delving deeper into the data. One area of interest is identifying the critical “events” within a round that lead to a win or loss based solely on data. This could provide valuable insights for players looking to improve their gameplay.

The full project is available for those interested in exploring the data and findings in more detail: https://github.com/sophiacofone/valorant_omnic. It’s an impressive accomplishment that showcases the potential of data analysis in Valorant and esports as a whole. As the esports industry continues to grow, data-driven insights like these will become increasingly valuable for players, teams, and fans alike.

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