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Patience of the Gods Tested: Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Delayed

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 (Credit: Epic Games)

Hold your lightning bolts, champions! Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, “Myths & Mortals,” was supposed to launch today, but eager warriors are facing an extended wait. Epic Games encountered unexpected issues during maintenance, pushing the downtime for update v29.00 further than anticipated.

According to a statement from the official Fortnite Status Twitter account @FortniteStatus, the initial downtime was expected to last “a few hours longer than usual.” That wait time has been extended to a whopping eight extra hours. So, instead of jumping into the new season this morning, players will have to wait until at least 5pm ET to clash on the slopes of Mount Olympus or explore the underworld.

This unexpected delay is certainly frustrating, especially considering the hype surrounding the Greek mythology theme. Dataminers have revealed glimpses of the new map locations, battle pass skins, and powerful Mythic weapons, but players are still locked out of experiencing them firsthand.

While the wait is a bummer, here’s a silver lining: you can still download the update while the servers are offline. That way, you’ll be ready to dive into the action as soon as the gates of Olympus open at 5pm ET. Until then check out the top 5 changes coming this season!

Top 5 Changes Dropping in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2, titled “Myths & Mortals,” has ALMOST arrived, and it’s bringing a legendary storm of new content. Buckle up, warriors, because this season is all about battling it out under the watchful gaze of the Greek gods! Here’s a glimpse at the top 5 changes that’ll have you rewriting your Fortnite battle plan:

Gods of the Grind: A Mythic Makeover

This season’s theme isn’t just cosmetic. The map itself has been reshaped to reflect iconic locations from Greek mythology. Prepare to clash on the slopes of Mount Olympus, guarded by a towering statue of Zeus. For the brave souls who dare, the Underworld awaits, patrolled by the fearsome Cerberus. Scattered throughout these legendary landscapes are Mythic weapons wielded by the gods themselves. Hurl lightning bolts with the Thunderbolt of Zeus or unleash a hail of fire with the Gatekeeper Shotgun, a triple-barreled beast.

Armory of the Ancients: New Weapons and Weapon Mods

The Mythic loot isn’t the only firepower upgrade. “Myths & Mortals” introduces a fresh arsenal of conventional weapons. Take down foes from afar with the Huntress DMR, a long-range rifle perfect for sniping. For close-quarters chaos, the Warforges AR delivers high damage and rapid fire, but be prepared for some serious recoil! New weapon mods also join the fray. The Thermal Scope grants unparalleled vision and heat detection, while the Speedgrip lets you move faster while aiming down sights.

Clash of the Titans: Battle Pass Pantheon

The Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass is your ticket to godhood (well, almost). Tier up to unlock legendary outfits inspired by Greek myths. Dominate the battlefield as Zeus, the king of the gods, or channel the power of the underworld with Hades. Fan favorites from other franchises also make an appearance, including Korra from the Legend of Korra series.

Glory Awaits: Competitive Tournaments

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or an aspiring champion, “Myths & Mortals” offers a chance to test your mettle in a variety of tournaments. The Women of the Arena returns, giving female players a platform to showcase their skills. New PlayStation Cups, Console Cash Cups, and Ranked Cups are also on the calendar, so there’s a competition for every level.

Starter Packs for the Divine

New players can jump into the fray with themed starter packs. The Battle Royale starter pack includes a new skin, pickaxe, and back bling, while the Save the World starter pack offers the Vinderman 2.0 set. And for those who love building with bricks (both digital and real), the LEGO Fortnite starter pack grants a Brite Agent skin, back bling, and a digital Brite Bomber Bedroom building set.

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